[Important] Extension of registration deadline
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Date : 2020-06-29 Name :관리자
Thank you for your interest and participating in the Auto Design Award.
Auto Design Award Organizing Committee has decided to extend the deadline to July 10th because of the following reasons.

Recently we had a minor issue in the system and to give fair opportunities to entrants, we decided to extend the deadline for work submission.

We are trying hard to give smooth process of registration in various languages as many foreigners are participating in the Auto Design Award. We apologize for inconvenience, and we kindly ask your understanding if you have already registered your work.

Due to prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the dates of award ceremony and exhibition are not fixed yet.

We thought it would be better for various entrants to keep the registration system open while we are working to set the dates.

The schedule for award ceremony and exhibition will be announced as soon as possible.