About Registration

Check out Theme of the Year

  • Be sure to submit works that meet 'theme of the year'.

Online Registration

  • ● You can register only once in individual or a group.
  • Registration
    Create Account > Sign In > Registration > My Registration > lick 'Register Now' button
    • Create an account before registration
    • name, phone number, email, address, and job/school. (Required guardian's contact, if you are under 18.)
    • [Group Registration]
      1. Every member, must have their own account ID.
      2. The leader, register IDs of each members of the group.
  • Work Submission
    Sign In > Registration > My Registration > click 'Work Submission(or Edit Submitted Work)' button


  • Upon your registration, we assume that you have agreed to the restrictions below.
  • ※ See the details from Registration Rules page.
  • No Commercial Brand
    • DO NOT use existing commercial AUTO BRAND or EMBLEM in the work title or images unless specified.
    • DO NOT use any existing commercial BRAND or EMBLEM in the work title or images unless specified in the theme of the year. (updated 2021. 08. 25)
    • If you want to do, you must mention the inevitable reason in the work description.
    • Works that violate the above rules may be deducted points or assigned a lower priority.
    : DO NOT include your personal or group's information - your (team's) name or school name, in your work images or explanation.
    : If not, your points can be deducted.
    • For fair judgement, in case of violation of this restiction, we would remove those information from your works, or modify your work content without notification.
    • We are not responsible for any changes in the quality of work content that may occur in the process of removing personal information.
  • DO submit only a work produced solely for the purpose of participation in Auto Design Award
    : Review the details on REGISTRATION RULES
    • [prohibited cases] Plagiarism / the winner(or planned) of other competitions / works submitted(or planned) to a third parties / graduation works, etc
    • If you submit your work to a third party or win other competition during the registration period, you must withdraw your application.
    • Submission of award-winning works to other organization is also prohibited. (excluding non award-winning works)

Work Submission

  • You can modify your works whenever you want during submission period.
  • Submit 'image works' + 'work explanation' before submission deadline.
  • 1. Images for judging : 1 MAIN image(required) + extra images(1 or more)
    Submit SIMPLE WEB FILES reduced and format-changed from ORIGINAL FILES
    • format : JPG / RGB mode (no BMP, PNG, GIF / no CMYK)
    • size : each around 3000px (min.1500px ~ max.3000px, within 2MB, free ratio)
  • 1-1. Main Image : if the background included in the main image
    • [REQUIRED] submit 1 or more images with the BACKGROUND OMITTED as extra images
  • 2. Work Explanation Form : text of 500 words less or more
    • You need to include
      1) Your own interpretation of theme of the year,
      2) Characteristics of your work,
      3) Purpose of the production.

Original Files

  • ● ORIGINAL FILES must be produced in high-resolution JPG images
    • original format : JPG / RGB or CMYK
    • original size : each around 5100px (300 ppi, 10M, free ratio)
    • submit the original files when CONFIRMED as winner
  • Tools and Forms : No limitation
    • Digital images, 3D images, hand sketches, crayon, watercolor paintings and other tools or forms are all available
    • Chromaticity : No limitation
  • In case of non-digital image works
    • For those who submit sketches or works that have not been produced with digital tools
    • Scan or take a photo of each work in the Original File format and size