Winners of Auto Design Award 2020
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Date 2020-08-10 Name관리자
Dear Participants:

The 5th Auto Design Award 2020 competition and judging schedule, which began on April 20th under the theme of ″New Proportion & Space - EVs″, has finally ended.
We give very special thanks to everyone who finished submitting the works, trusting Auto Design Award even though the schedule was mostly unconfirmed due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Initially, 29 of works were planned to be awarded. But, as a result of the final review process by a duly selected panel of judges, 30 of works are selected as winners. We are very pleased to announce the winners of Auto Design Award 2020 here.

〈Grand Prize〉

[General] Kim, Jun-Young (Chung-Ang University) - ″ E.O Everybody Own your space. ″

〈Top Honor Prize〉

[General] Kim, Jae-Sung (Kyung Hee University) - ″ Tri - Fold Vehicle ″

〈Honor Prizes〉

[General] Son, Hee-Bong (Yeungnam University) - ″ Millennials Space ″
[U-19] Park, Se-Hyen (Gurye High School) - ″ Tachyon Automotive ″

〈Shining Star Prizes〉 * alphabetical order

[General] Choi, Seong-Ae (Keimyung University) - ″ City Switch ″
[General] Hwang, Yun Sik (College for Creative Studies) - ″ Expansion Pickup Truck ″
[General] Jang, Jin-Woo (Yeungnam University) - ″ Mobility for Futrue Apartment Complex ″
[General] Kim, Jun-U / Cho, Jung-Heum (Coventry University/Kookmin University) - ″ Duplex ″
[General] Lee, Jong-Hak (Seoul National University of Science &Technology) - ″ GrassHopper ″
[General] Min, Chang-Dong (Chung-Ang University) - ″ Concept - D ii Stance ″
[General] Nam, Ji-Mun (Hongik University) - ″ E-Go trip ″

〈Rookie Prizes〉 * alphabetical order

[General] Choi, Min-Seok (Kookmin University) - ″ E:ONE ″
[General] Choi, Won-Seok (Art Center College of Design) - ″ Unveiling Explorer ″
[General] Hong, Sung-Hyun (Hanyang University) - ″ Seperable Space Vehicle ″
[General] Hong, Won-Jae (Art Center College of Design) - ″ Sharing is Riding 4 the World ″
[General] Jang, Hyeon-Gwi (Chung-Ang University) - ″ Up Mobility ″
[General] Jang, So-Hee (Hanyang University) - ″ Breathing Concept ″
[General] Kang, Gong-Jin (Yeungnam University) - ″ I-Way ″
[General] Kim, Min-Jae (Art Center College of Design) - ″ Kids on the Brick Concept ″
[General] Kim, Min-Kyu (Chung-Ang University) - ″ Beach Lounge ″
[General] Kim, Myoung-Gon / Lim, You-Bin (Daegu University) - ″ Concept Untact ″
[General] Lee, Jung-Soo (Hongik University) - ″ Mobility Store for Post Corona Virus ″
[General] Shin, Dong-Hwa (College for Creative Studies) - ″ Module Mobility ″
[General] Yeo, Hong-Joon (preparing for study abroad) - ″ AEOLUS ″
[General] Zachariah, Alan Chacko (Coventry University) - ″ LUXE ″
[U-19] Jung, Soo-Young (Yongsan Middle School) - ″ New space, New proportion, New car ″
[U-19] Yu, Dae-Hun (Daeryun High School) - ″ ESTANCIA : ″

〈Special Prizes〉
[Renault-Samsung Brand Prize] Kim, Jong-Min / Kim, Hyeon-Woo (College for Creative Studies) - ″ LUVINCE ″
[Cadillac Brand Prize] Jung, Chang-Yong/Min, Jun-Ho team (Kookmin University/Korea Polytechnic University) - ″ CICADA - Spectral Chamber ″
[Saean Brand Prize] Kim, Anthony Young-Jae (Royal College of Art) - ″ GLiDE ″

Congratulations to the winners!
In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants who were not included in the list and for their hard works and efforts.

with best regards

Auto Design Award Organizing Committee