BACKGROUND OMITTED image REQUIRED! check for the missing
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Date 2021-10-19 NameAdmin
ADAOC is now announcing you an important point about work submission.

First of all, we appreciate all the participants for your sincere work for this difficult projects.

As already mentioned on the pages of Registration and Work Submission, we will guide you again about the ′required images′ rules.

During pre-monitoring of submitted works, we found some participants who submitted only square-shaped exhibition panel images.

In this case, it is difficult to receive a detailed judging.

Exhibition panel images must be submitted after the winners are confirmed.
Therefore, please submit images for judging during the registration period.

You must submit a design that emphasizes the car in the main image.
In particular, if the main image is a background included one, please submit at least one ′background OMITTED′ image as an additional image.

You can edit your sumitted work at any time up to the deadline.
Please double-check that the image you have already submitted meets the rules.