2017 Winners
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THEME of 2017 : Mobility, Re-Imagined World
  • APR(Anti-Poaching Ranger)-Wagon
    Lee, Seung-Hyoun
  • 2+0 wheeler
    Kim, Jee-Soo
  • Personal Circle
    Moon, Ji-Hyun
  • Circle
    Jung, Min-Sup
  • Connected Car Sharing
    Shin, Kyoung-Bin
  • Sharing Mobility Petal
    Kim, Ji-Eun
  • Foumula-E Design with the motif of 2040 Ancient Olympic Game Buggy racing
    Yu, Sung-Hwan
  • Benzman
    Lee, Dong-Won
  • Citroen C-Flux
    Han, Sang-Hyeok
  • Ger Camper Concept
    Jo, Jeong-Hyun
  • Camping on the Road, Whoever Whenever Wherever
    Yong, Seung-Joo
  • Ferrari Gothica Rossa Concept
    Han, Dong-Hun
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    , Lee, Seung-Hyoun, Kim, Jee-Soo, Moon, Ji-Hyun, Jung, Min-Sup, Shin, Kyoung-Bin, Kim, Ji-Eun, Yu, Sung-Hwan, Lee, Dong-Won, Han, Sang-Hyeok, Jo, Jeong-Hyun, Yong, Seung-Joo, Han, Dong-Hun
    2017 Winners
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