2018 Winners
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THEME of 2018 : Car, the Maximized Beauty
  • Renault Bubble Concept
    Yi, Jun-Hyeok
  • Faraday Future - COSMOS
    Yang, Yeong-Won
  • co-pet car
    Heo, Seung-Do
  • Balena Volante GT
    Choi, Jin-An
  • memini.M
    Kim, Min-Geun
  • Cadillac XT-Vision
    Park, David / Ahn, Hyun-Joon
  • Mercedes Benz Zeppero Concept
    Jeong, Han-Um
  • Concept Nostalgia
    Kim, Se-Hoon
  • 2030 DDIY CUV
    Kim, Hyeon-Woo
  • Environmental Flower Garden Vehicle
    Choi, Yun-Ji
  • concept STIMA "Beauty of Respect"
    Kang, In-Soo
  • Regulus GT - Hybrid Supercar
    Son, Jeong-Woo
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    , Yi, Jun-Hyeok, Yang, Yeong-Won, Heo, Seung-Do, Choi, Jin-An, Kim, Min-Geun, Park, David / Ahn, Hyun-Joon, Jeong, Han-Um, Kim, Se-Hoon, Kim, Hyeon-Woo , Choi, Yun-Ji, Kang, In-Soo, Son, Jeong-Woo
    2018 Winners
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