2018 Winners
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THEME of 2018 : 아름다운 창작, 자동차
  • memini.M
    Kim, Min-Geun
  • Bugatti le Corbusier; Golden Sculpture
    Song, Hyeok
  • Renault EC(Emotional Connection) Concept
    Wang, Hyung-Seok
  • Offorad F Face
    Sung, Dae-Ok
  • 2030 DDIY CUV
    Kim, Hyeon-Woo
  • Lamborghini Purdy Concept
    Jung, Eo-Jin
  • Slingshot
    Kim, Yong-Hyeon
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    , Kim, Min-Geun, Song, Hyeok , Wang, Hyung-Seok, Sung, Dae-Ok, Kim, Hyeon-Woo , Jung, Eo-Jin, Kim, Yong-Hyeon
    2018 Winners
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