2020 Winners
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THEME of 2020 : 전기차의 새로운 비례와 공간
  • Aeolus
    Yeo, Hong-Joon
  • EV Mobile Cafe for After Corona Era
    Lee, Jung-Soo
  • Breathing Concept
    Jang, So-Hee
  • I-Way
    Kang, Gong-Jin
  • Concept Untact
    Kim, Myoung-Gon/Lim, You-Bin
  • Beach Lounge
    Kim, Min-Kyu
  • LUXE
    Zachariah, Alan Chacko
  • Seperable Space Vehicle
    Hong, Sung-Hyun
  • Sharing is Riding 4 the World
    Hong, Won-Jae
  • Module Mobility
    Shin, Dong-Hwa
  • New space, New proportion, New car
    Jung, Soo-Young
  • E:ONE
    Choi, Min-Seok
  • 작품 이미지 상단의 클릭으로 수상자를 응원해 주세요.
    , Yeo, Hong-Joon, Lee, Jung-Soo, Jang, So-Hee, Kang, Gong-Jin, Kim, Myoung-Gon/Lim, You-Bin, Kim, Min-Kyu, Zachariah, Alan Chacko, Hong, Sung-Hyun, Hong, Won-Jae, Shin, Dong-Hwa, Jung, Soo-Young, Choi, Min-Seok
    2020 Winners
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